Friday, 12 October 2007

Randomness in the UK and I missed my Train!!!

Amy Winehouse and husband with the two last names have split - - why do I care…A Back to Black part deux must be follow. I also picked up her first album Frank and it’s a keeper. Now to the good stuff: tonight London hosted the Celts vs. T-wolves at O2 Arena. By the end of the 3rd Ray Allen had 28 and KG had about 7 - it was a blowout...In true blow out fashion (foreshadowing the entire T-wolves season next year) my main man Ricky Buckets (ahem Davis) was giving out the business…only in the first half. Well let me put it more clearly, he had 16 of the team’s 22 1st quarter points and then punched out for the night. I rarely get to appreciate his ability to score at will and do NOTHING else for 20 minutes in person.

Speaking of curious performances, 1st round pick Corey Brewer was beasted (e.g. made to look like a child among men) by The Truth (Paul Pierce)– he had 3 fouls and 2 points in 5 1st half minutes. The coaches response--throw Gerald Green in! He wanted to dunk on everyone...but couldn’t even do that with KG in the middle. For those who care, no Big Baby Davis sitings, he looked winded after warm-ups.

I hate to say this about a Railsplitter, but Bassy Telfair had better get used to playing overseas, he looked awful tonight. His moment was a three pointer at the 3rd quarter buzzer. Prior to this he had more fouls than points. T-wolves are going to be tough to watch, Celtics fans enjoy. On balance, I had a blast! Crowd was real mellow and the stands were packed (see photos). My favourite moment was a massive wave in the 3rd which was dope. We Boo’d all who dared not participate!!

Did I mention in all the excitement I missed my train from O2 Arena? Well its true. So I literally spent a few hours wandering around London hours after the game. It was so much fun! Like Manchester, London is an old city. The city is massive, but not too many NY-esque sized buildings. As world cities go, London takes advantage of curves. It definitely adds to the environment. I felt like every street was leading to a new place I never expected. I think there needs to be a campaign that calls for US cities to adopt 'curves and courts' with limited car access.

Well it’s about 330AM and I am in a place called Milton Keynes Centre on a cold bench typing. I left London with the hopes I would catch my connecting train – to no avail. So, for now my first trip to London is not quite over! Didn’t go according to my ticket, but the trip went exactly as I had hoped! I hope you enjoy my photos!

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